Choosing a Betting Site

Choosing a Betting Site

Sports betting is a very popular and millions of people from all over the world are betting online. Football is the most popular sport in a very large part of the world, but a lot of punter bet on other, less popular sports. More than several sports are available for online betting and it is even possible to bet on non-sporting events, such as politics, TV shows, etc. There is a lot of competitions and the number of operators that offer online betting has been increasing steadily. For punters, it might seem difficult to decide how to choose a betting site. It is not that difficult though. All you need to do is check whether the website offer all the things required of a top betting website. Keep reading if you want to know which things should a good betting website feature.

Important Issues

  • The betting offer is the main “product” of every betting site, it is why such sites exist. Here, by betting offer we mean the available sports, types of bets, betting options and markets that are offered. Generally, the more sports a site offers, the better, but if you stick to betting on, say football, then you wouldn’t worry much whether they offer handball or trotting.
  • Another thing that is tightly related to the offer are the odds. A site that offers more favourable odds should definitely be preferred.
  • Bonuses and promotions are a nice way to increase your bankroll and thus increase your winning chances. Always check what sort of bonuses and promotions a website offers and whether the terms and conditions are acceptable.
  • Security is very important, both regarding the personal data that you have to provide and your payment details which are required for making deposits and withdrawals. The website also has to be operated by a company which has a relevant licence.
  • A lot of punters nowadays place bets on their mobile phones and if you consider mobile betting, that you should definitely look for a website which offers fast and hassle-free mobile betting.
  • Last but not least is live betting. Betting on a match that is already underway is quite exciting and it is becoming increasingly popular. A reliable website should be offering live betting, as well as online streaming.

Betting Offer

Check what sports, what competitions and what type of bets does a website offer. More importantly, check whether it offers the ones that you intend to bet on. It is highly likely that a reliable site won’t offer practically every possible competition in almost every sport.

It is also important to see the betting options that they have. Some punters focus on betting on solely one sport, usually football and they don’t bet on more than few options – 1×2 (win/draw/lose) and over/under, but some of you may be looking for so called specials or more specific options. Most bookmakers nowadays offer a wide scope of sports and betting options, although some offer more than the others and if this is important to you, then you should be looking for a website that caters to your needs.


The odds are probably more important than the sports and betting options. Even a small variance in the offered odds might make a significant difference to your potential win. If you’re betting a large amount of money on a single bet, than odds at 5/6 and 1/1 are not that similar. If you bet, say, £100, then the difference in the potential profit will be £17. Similarly, if you’re placing an accumulator bet, then only slightly higher odds on few matches changes a lot, due to the fact that the odds are multiplied.

Bonus Offer

Betting websites offer several different types of bonuses that can be quite handy if you want to boost your bankroll. Many betting sites will offer you a bonus on your first, or first few deposits. The way this bonus works is the following – the bookmaker gives you a percentage of your deposit, it can be even 100% up to a certain amount and then you can start betting with a larger amount of money than the one you deposited initially.

Many betting websites offer so called ‘Free Bet’ bonuses. These bonuses can be won often right after you register, or after placing a certain qualifying bet. Many sites will return part of your stake on certain losing bets.

Other bonuses and promotions are also available. Accumulator bonus is another popular bonus where you get an increase on the potential winning amount depending on how many selections your accumulator bet includes.

Whenever you’re looking the bonus offer of any site, make sure that you check the terms and conditions carefully. A lot of the bonuses come with limitations regarding the types of bets that can be placed.


Security is crucial and you shouldn’t even consider registering at a website that doesn’t provide an adequate level of security. Seals of approval often featured on reliable betting websites are clear indications of whether a site is secure or not. Also, don’t even consider betting at a website that is not licenced and regulated. Checking whether an operator has a relevant licence is quite easy.

Mobile Betting

Just try to open the website in your mobile browser and you will now whether the website is mobile friendly or not. Some operators have developed free mobile betting apps which can be downloaded easily. You should be able to do on your mobile everything that you are able to do on your desktop, including deposits and withdrawals.

Live Betting

The information whether a website offers live betting is easily obtainable as all websites that offer live betting display this information on their main page and the live markets are often the first thing that you’ll see when you open a betting website. See whether they offer live streaming, as this will allow you to watch a large number of events throughout the year. All you need to do in order to be able to watch games at most websites is to have a positive real money balance in your account.

Few Other Aspects

There are certain other aspects that might be of importance to you. A friendly and helpful customer support team will always make your betting experience more pleasurable. Also, easy, fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals without any extra fees are definitely a plus. If the website offers live results and useful statistics that is also positive.


There you go, choosing a website isn’t that difficult. Also, you are not obliged to choose only once. You are more than free to open accounts with two, three or even more betting website. Different punters have different expectations and priorities. If bonuses are the most important aspect for you, then choose a site that offers better bonuses than its competition. If you think that the odds are crucial, then compare the odds of the websites that made it to your shortlist and base your decision on that. It is completely up to you.

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